7th Grade Team
7th Grade Assignments

Health/P.E.- Ms. Schuler

PE begins on Monday, April 29

Mon. April 22 

Study for health test over all body systems

Tuesday, April 23

Body System Test

Wed. April 24

Pick project idea and begin work

Thur. April 25

Work on project

Bring colored pencils and earbuds if you have them

Fri. April 26

Project due

Mon. April 29

PE begins



Science - Mrs. Sinnamon


Week of   April 15th



Read Atomic Structure 8.3




 atomic structure ws and build an atom activity



 Read heat and temperature 8.4




Practice Quizzes in DE (Check assignments in DE)




No School!



Week Of:      April 22nd


Review for Unit Test (Test is Wednesday)

Finish practice quizzes in Discovery Ed.



   Read Science World Magazine

   Study for your test tomorrow!




Unit Test on Changing Matter



 Science World Worksheets



 Easter Island Game







Social Studies - Mr. McDonald

Week of April 22


Culture aspects in SE Asia.

CW: DE 10.2 Read pages 1-3 and Complete Categorization Chart on page 3.

Video- p.3 The Khmer Empire (Angkor Wat)


Land use and early kingdoms in SE Asia.

CW: DE 10.2 Read p.4-8 and complete Comparison Chart on p.4.

Video- p.6 Growing Food in SE Asia.




Economic Activities in SE Asia.

CW: DE 10.2 - Elaborate Activity (Developing Thailand's Industries). Answer questions on student guide.



Analyze Thailand's Indistries.

CW: DE 10.4 Read p.1-3 and complete Cause/Event/Effect Chart on p.1


Government and Economy of SE Asia.

CW: History review - IXL M.1 and M.2 (Mesopotamia) due Tuesday.


Week of April 15


South East Asia

CW: DE 10.1 Geography of Southeast Asia (Map Exploration Chart)

IXL - J.3 (Due Wednesday)


Everything Southeast Asia

CW: DE 10.3 - People and Culture od Southeast Asia

Read p.1-2, Complete Comparison Chart

Watch Videos: p.1 - SE Asian Countries, p.2 - Peninsulas and Achipelagos




People and Culture of SE Asia

CW: DE 10.3, Read p.3-4 and Complete "Cause/Effect Chart".

Watch Videos: p. 3 - Influence of India and Influence of China



Foreign Influence in SE Asia

CW: DE 10.3 - Read p.5-9 and complete "Characterization Chart".

Watch videos: p.5 - Islam in SE Asia, p.6 - Tet in Vietnam, p.8 - Balinese Dancers

















Math-Mrs. Bowen

April 15-18


Reg: WS's and IXL's L.8, L.9, L.10 DUE ON THURSDAY

Pre-alg: WS's and IXL's L.8, L.9, L.10 DUE ON THURSDAY


Reg: ILEARN Practice test

Pre-alg: ILEARN Practice test


Reg: Review and IXL's

Pre-alg: Review and IXL's


Reg: Review and IXL's due today

Pre-alg: Review and IXL's


Reg: Good Friday-no school

Pre-alg: Good Friday-no school

April 22-26


IXL's D.2, X.9, X.10, X.11 due on Friday

Language Arts - Miss Shrock


April 15-19

Monday 4-15

Miss Shrock is teaching. 

Performance Task Practice (eBackpack)

IXL K.1 & K.2 due Thursday. 


Tuesday 4-16

Miss Shrock is teaching.

Subject-Verb Agreement (IXL EE. 1 due Wednesday)

Finish performance task essay. 


Wednesday 4-17

In class: work day to prepare for debate 

*All written requirements for the debate are due before class tomorrow. Submit to eBackpack


Thursday 4-18

In class: Research Project Debate 


Friday 4-19

Good Friday, No School


April 22-26

Monday 4-22


Read "Escape to Freedom" and complete assignment in eBackpack.  

IXL K.3, K.4 due Friday.  


Tuesday 4-23

Work on IXL K.3, K.4, K.5.

Finish "Escape to Freedom" summary and submit to eBackpack. 

Read AR book. 


Wednesday 4-24

ILEARN Practice Test


Thursday 4-25

Periods 1, 2, 6, 7

Subject-Verb Agreement-Compound Subjects (IXL EE.3 due Wednesday)

The Cay Webquest (eBackpack) 

Period 5

And Then There Were None

Opening Activity/Notes

Read Chapter 1


Friday 4-26

Periods 1, 2, 6, 7

The Cay Vocabulary (eBackpack)

Read Chapter 1

Period 5

And Then There Were None

Vocabulary Study Guide Chapters 1-6 (eBackpack)

Read Chapter 2 

IXL K.3, K.4, K.5 due. 


April 29-May3

Monday 4-29

Periods 1, 2, 6, 7

The Cay Read Chapters 2-3. 


Period 5

And Then There Were None

Character Activity

Begin reading chapter 3. 


Mrs. Davis

April 2019

Habit of the Month: Thoroughness


Language Arts:

Monday: Greet Roots Crossword and Word Search

Homework: None


Homework: NONE

Wednesday: ILEARN Testing

Homework: NONE

Thursday: TBA

Homework: NONE

Friday: Fun FRIDAY due to testing


Monday: Circle Review--Radius, Diameter, Area, and Circumference

Homework: Worksheets on radius, diameter, area, and circumference. TEST REDO TOMORROW!

Tuesday: Chapter 9 Sec. 2

Homework: Pg. 367 #4-16 evens

Wednesday: Chapter 9 Sec. 3

Homework: Pg. 372 #4-14 evens

Thursday: Chapter 9 Sec. 4

Homework: Pg. 380 #4-16 evens

Friday: Chapter 9 Sec. 5

Homework: Pg. 386 #4-16 evens






E-Learning Day Plans


 E-Learning -Health  Day 1 -  This activity was used Thursday, Nov. 15

E-Learning Day 2 -  This activity was used Tuesday Jan. 15  

E-Learning Day 3 - This activity was used Thursday, Jan. 17 

E-Learning Day 4 - This was completed on Wed. Jan. 29 

E-learning Day 5 - This was completed on Thur. Jan. 30

E-Learning Day 6 - This was completed on Mon. Feb. 11

E-Learning Day 7 - This activity was used Monday, Feb. 18

E-Learning Day 8 - Health/PE will be in eBackpack to complete and also turn in to eBackpack.  This assignment deals with sports.

E-learning Day 9 - Health/PE will be in eBackpack to complete and also turn in to eBackpack.  This is a PE activity.




Day 8-   For this elearning day, you will do a simulation activity in Discovery Ed. and complete a worksheet packet.  The worksheet packet is down below in the attachments section and is called tectonic forces simulation- earthquakes.  You will need to login to Discovery Ed. and check the assignments section for the simulation.  Follow all direstions on the worksheets and simulation.  Answer all questions.  When it asks for plate boundary types, you must list the boundary and type. 

Example:  convergent (ocean, oceanic)

               convergent (oceanic, continental)

When you are finished, turn it in to the folder in ebackpack.




Day 1: Completed 11/15

Day 2: Completed 1/15/2019

Day 3: Completed 1/17/19

Day 4: Completed January 29.

Day 5: Completed Jan. 30

Day 6: Completed Feb.11 

Day 7: Feb. 18, 2019

Reg: Video 7.3 extension and notes. P. 288-89:1-6, 11-14 on paper. Show all work


Pre-alg: P. 429-30: 12-26 even, 32-36 even


Day 8: Complete the attached document below on paper and bring to class the following day. DO NOT DO ON THE IPAD.






 Day 1 - Completed 11-15-18

Day 2 - Completed January 15

Day 3 - Completed January 17

Day 4 - Completed January 30

Day 5 - Completed January 31

Day 6 - Completed February 11

  1.     Complete IXL Y.1 on declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences.
  2.     Open a blank document in Notability. Write one declarative sentence, one imperative sentence, one interrogative sentence, and one exclamatory sentence. Each sentence must express a complete thought and have a capital letter and end mark. Submit the document to the folder in eBackpack. 
  3. Work on the Moby Max Language Arts Contest. Your 200 points are due Friday at 2:35. 

Day 7 - Completed February 18  

Starting Tuesday, you will have a student teacher. For your e-learning assignment, I would like you to use Clips to create a 15-20 second video introducing yourself to Mrs. Smith.  

* You must include your first and last name. 

* You must include three fun facts about yourself. 

* You have the option to record yourself, OR if you don't like seeing yourself on camera, you may use a single photo and record your voice. You may NOT simply have a black screen or a poster. The point of this is to help Mrs. Smith learn your names and faces. Miss Shrock's Example

* Upload your video to eBackpack. 

IXL E.1 (Identify Sensory Details) & E.2 (Identify the narrative point of view) due Friday. 

Day 8 

Read "How the Stars Beat Stress" in Scope magazine. To read the article, click here. The password is NMS1819. Then, complete the assignment that is in the attachment section below. I will also put it in the eBackpack folder if we use this e-learning day. The assignment includes multiple choice and vocabulary questions. 



 Thursday 11/15- Login to Discovery Education , World History Course - Chapter 6.1 (Geography of India). Tap on the Explore tab and scroll to the bottom of page 1. Download the Reading passage titled "Wonders of the Natural World". Read the passage and answer the questions on the last page. Submit to eBackpack when you are able. If you have a technical issue, please contact TigerTech Support room at 765-457-8101 (extension 3576) or via email at elearning@nesc.k12.in.us.

Jan. 15 - Login to Discovery Education, World History course - Chapter 6.1 (Geography of India). Tap on the Explore tab and scroll to the bottom of page 3. Download the Reading Passage activity titled "Monsoons". Read the passage and answer the questions on the last page. Submit to eBackpack when you are able.

 Jan. 17 - Login to Discovery Education, World History course - Chapter 13.3 (The Mongols).Proceed to the Elaborate tab and choose "The Mongol Empire" activity. It is aTimeline Map activity. Read the Introduction and Background Tabs. Answer the 4 questions on the TimelineTab, using the slider timeline and the investigative tools. Answer the questions in the space provided. Then Export all answers to PDF. Send the PDF to Notability and then submit to eBackpack when you are able.


Jan. 30 - Login to Discovery Education  19.1. Go to the "Explore" tab, page 1. Scroll to the bottom of page 1 and open the Reading Passsage titled"The Mali Kingdom". Preview PDF and copy it to Notability. Complete the reading and answer the questions on page 4. Turn in the answers to ebackpack when you are able.

Jan. 31 - Login to Discovery Education, World History course , Chapter 16.3  (Religion and Culture in Africa). Proceed to the Elaborate tab and choose the Trade Kingdoms in West Africa activity. Open the Student Guide (in Notability) and follow the directions to answer the questions on pages 1-2. Only pages 1-2.  Submit to eBackpack when you are able.

Day 6 - Feb.11 - Login to Discovery Education, World History course, Chapter 22.2 (Conquest and Colonies). Proceed to the Elaborate Tab and choose "Conquest and Colonies - The Race for Empires" activity. It is a Map Giuded Inquiry activity.Open the Student Guide (in Notability) and use the Background Tab and the Map Activity Tab to answer the questions on the first 2 pages of the student guide. Only pages 1-2. Submit to eBackpack when you are able.

Day 7 - Feb. 18- Login to Discovery Education, World History Course, Chapter 19.1 (Motives for Exploration and Trade in Africa and Asia).Proceed to the EXPLAIN Tab and choose the Middle Activity (Motives for Exploration and Trade in Africa and Asia. In this Activity you will create an advertisement to persuade explores. Follow the directions on the activity. Submit to eBackpack when you are able.

Day 8 - Log in to Discovery Education, World History course-Chapter 11.2 (Christianity's Spread). Tap on the Elaborate tab and choose "A New Religion Takes Wing"  Investigation:Timeline Map activity. Open the Student Guide (in Notability) and follow the directions found on those pages. Use the Background information and Timeline to answer the questions. Submit to eBackpack when you are able.





Academic Enrichment

Essential Academic Words

To practice essential academic words on Quizlet, click HERE.