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The Northwestern Drama Club is known for its outstanding theatre productions. The middle school theatre program was established in 2006 as a way to continue to educate middle school students in the studies of theatre. Our goal is to connect Northwestern Middle School students to the education and value that is found within the performing arts, and then share it with our community. We hope this webpage will help keep you informed on all our performances and theatre opportunities!

2018 Middle School Play: The Actor Games

November 9 & 10, 2018
7:00 P.M.
Northwestern Auditorium

The Cast:

Technical Director  Savana New
Drama Teacher  Seth Sorrell
Host  Cooper Deck
Method Acting  Katie Bonds
Greek Theatre Emily Lyles
Shakespearean Charlie Rosales
Commedia Dell’Arte  Ricky Larrison
Melodrama  Megan Shank
Silent Film Brayden Houtari
Musical Theatre Christian Vernengo
Avant Garde Brady Nelson
Hollywood Jackson Kirby
Mother Katie Bonds
Posey Megan Shank
Meryl Kenzie Rogers
Stagehand Evan Swope
International Thespian Society Junior Troupe #88930

Northwestern Middle School is an officially chartered Junior International Thespian Society Troupe. Students must earn 10 Thespian points (approximately 50 hours) of excellence in theatre. The official point system rules and a records chart are attached. We are very excited to be the 4th Indiana middle school to charter a Junior Troupe.