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7th Grade Homework Assignments
Week of Sept. 18
Health/P.E.- Ms. Schuler


Monday, Sept. 11

PE begins and lasts through Oct. 6

Have a combination lock and personal items.







Science - Mrs. Sinnamon


Week of   September 18th





straight line motion worksheet



HW:  Finish Worksheet if not done



Engage and Explore 1- forces

Monster Truck Pull activity- Check Discovery Ed. Assignments and down below for the data sheet






Explore 2- Discovery Ed.

Discuss Stick Bomb lab








Stick Bomb Lab







Stick Bomb Lab






Week Of:    September 11th


  Review average speed

                Average speed lab





Tuesday- Finish average speed lab





Wednesday-   Explore 2 & 3 in Discovery Ed. Velocity and acceleration




HW: Study for vocab quiz


Thursday-  Vocab Quiz

                   Straight line motion worksheet


HW:  Finish worksheet if not done

-  Field trip












Social Studies - Mr. McDonald




 Week of Sept. 18


Rise of Civilization (Discovery Education).

Chapter 2.2- Early Agricultural Society.

HW: Read "Explore" pages 1-3.

Watch Videos= page 1, Farming:A New Innovation.

                       page 2, Social Classes.

Answer Questions from Assignment Page.



Early Societies.

HW: Read "Explore" pages 4-6.

Complete Categorization Chart page 1.



Early Civilization.

HW: Read "Explore" pages 7-8.

Complete Main Idea Web page 7.



Geography and Civilization.

HW: Vocabulary Chapter 2.2 (Assignment Page). 1-12



Nile River.

Video page 7 "The Nile:Where Egypt Began"

Answer questions from Assignment Page (in class).

HW: Use 8 Vocabulary Terms in 8 different sentences.







Math- Mrs. Bowen

Sept. 11-15

P. 18-19: 8-40 even, 50-56 even. Quiz tomorrow
Pre-Alg: P.105-107: 17,21,22,26,29,32,33,38,40,42-44


Reg: Review. Quiz
Pre-alg: Review. Chapter review. Look over all old homework. Test Wed and Thurs. Bdubs order form

Reg: Go over prices. Calculate money
Pre-Alg: Ch. 2 Test part 1
: Bdubs forms. Go over quiz
Pre-Alg:  Ch. Test part 2. Read 3.1

Reg: Field Trip Bring money for Bdubs
Pre-Alg: Field Trip Bring money for Bdubs

Sept. 18-22

P. 18 and in class practice
Pre-Alg: P.123-24: 8-18 even, 22-32 even, 38-44 even


Reg: P. 26-27: 8-44 even, 53 in class. Video 1.5
Pre-alg: P. 127: 13,15,23-37 odd

Reg: P. 32-33: 8-44 even, 45
Pre-Alg: In class work
: Review. Chapter test Friday. Do Ch. Test in book
Pre-Alg:  P. 134-135:11-27 odd, 29, 35

Reg: Ch. 1 Test
Pre-Alg: In class work



Language Arts - Miss Shrock

September 11-15

Monday 9-11

Read "A Retrieved Reformation" and answer all margin and mulitple choice questions. (eBackpack)


Tuesday 9-12

Punctuation Lesson 8 (eBackpack)

Character Analysis Essay and Pre-writing (paper)


Wednesday 9-13

Begin writing first draft of character analysis essay.


Thursday 9-14

Continue writing first draft of character analysis essay.

Finish first draft for Monday. The final draft will be due Tuesday, September 19.

Friday 9-15

Field Trip

Public Safety Day at IUK and Buffalo Wild Wings


September 18-22

Moby Max contest due Friday. One hundred points are required.

Monday 9-18

Edit Character Analysis Essay.

Submit Essay to eBackpack by the end of your class period on Tuesday.


Tuesday 9-19

Scope (October 2017)

Read "Our World Turned to Water"

Complete assignment (eBackpack)


Wednesday 9-20

Scope (October 2017)

Read "History of Teeth"

Complete assignment (eBackpack)


Thursday 9-21

Quotation Marks (eBackpack)

Reader's Workshop: Theme (eBackpack)


Friday 9-22

Scope (October 2017)

Read "The Monkey's Paw"

Complete assignment on theme. (eBackpack)



Mrs. Davis

SEPTEMBER--Habit of Respect


September 18-22, 2017

Language Arts 7: Assignments

Monday: Edit and Revise Compare/Contrast Essay. Begin Vocab for Zebra.

Tuesday: Submit Final Essay for Compare/Contrast. Begin reading Zebra. Work on Zebra comprehension questions/vocabulary.

Wednesday: Continue reading Zebra. Work on Zebra comprehension questions/vocabulary.

Thursday: Finish reading Zebra. Complete Zebra comprehension questions/vocabulary.

Friday: TEST over Zebra.


Math 7: Assignments

Monday: Review Chapter 2 Section 1 and 2 Workbook pages 28 & 32.

Tuesday: Converting Fractions to Decimal and Decimals to Fractions #3-20 ALL.

Wednesday: Chapter 2 Section 3 Worksheet B

Thursday: Chapter 2 Section 3 Pg. 


September 11-15, 2017

Language Arts 7: Assignments

Monday: An American Child Vocabulary; put vocabulary into Quizlet after writing the definitions in your packet.

Tuesday: Read An American Child and begin working on comprehension questions.

Wednesday: Continue reading an American Child and finish comprehension questions.

Thursday: Test over an American Child.

Friday:  Safety Field Trip and BW3's


Math 7: Assignments

Monday: Adding and Subtracting Integers Review Worksheets 6, 10, and 14

Tuesday: Multiplying and Dividing Integers Review Worksheets 18 and 22.

Wednesday: Quiz over integers.

Thursday: Chapter 2 Section 1 Review Worksheet Pg. 23, 24, and 28

Friday: Safety Field Trip and BW3's


September 4-8, 2017

Language Arts 7: Assignments

Monday: Practice the Habit of Service by doing something for your parents on Labor Day and have fun!

Tuesday: Vocabulary for Exploring the Titanic, put vocabulary into Quizlet.

Wednesday: Work on comprehension questions for Exploring the Titanic.

Thursday: Work on comprehension questions for Exploring the Titanic.

Friday: TEST over Exploring the Titanic.


Math 7: Assignments

Monday: Practice the Habit of Service by doing something nice for your parents on Labor Day and have fun!

Tuesday: Worksheet 2.1A in class; Worksheet 2.1B #1-16ALL Homework.

Wednesday: Pg. 48-49 #4-40 evens; 48-52 all.

Thursday: Worksheet 2.2A #1-6All.

Friday: Pg. 54-55 #4-26 Evens; 29-33 ALL.


August 28-September 1, 2017


Language Arts 7: Assignments

Monday: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Vocabulary into Quizlet

Tuesday: Read Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and begin completing the comprehension questions.

Wednesday: Finish Reading Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and finish the comprehension questions.

Thursday: Quiz over Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and Vocabulary.

Friday: Watch Rikki-Tikki-Tavi video.


Math 7: Assignments 

Monday: Pg. 32-33 #6-38 Evens; #42-45 ALL

Tuesday: Quiz over Chapter 1 Sections 4 & 5

Wednesday: Chapter 1 Review

Thursday: Chapter 1 Review

Friday: Chapter 1 TEST


August 21-25, 2017

Language Arts 7: Homework

Monday: NMS Library Tour

Tuesday: Complete Thank You M'am Vocabulary definitions on paper and put them into Quizlet.

Wednesday:  Read Thank You M'am in class and begin completing comprehension questions on paper.

Thursday: Finish reading Thank You M'am in class and complete comprehension questions for Friday.

Friday: TEST over Thank You M'am. Vocab and questions are due.


Math 7: Homework

Monday:  Chapter 1 Section 3 Textbook Pg.18-19 #8-38 EVENS; #50-56ALL

Tuesday: QUIZ over Chapter 1 Sections 1,2,&3

Wednesday: Chapter 1 Section 4B Worksheet

Thursday: Chapter 1 Section 4 TEXTBOOK Pg. 26-27 #8-42 Evens; 49-53 ALL

Friday: Chapter 1 Section 5B Worksheet


August 14-18, 2017

HOMEWORK: Language Arts 7


Monday: Vocabulary for The Last Dog. Write out the definitions and put them into Quizlet.

Tuesday: Comprehension Questions for the first part of The Last Dog.

Wednesday: Comprehension Questions for The Last Dog.

Thursday: The Last Dog comprehension questions, crossword, and vocab are due.

Friday: TEST over The Last Dog.




Monday: Chapter 1 Section 1 Worksheet B

Tuesday: Pg. 6-7 #4-38 evens; 46-50 ALL.

Wednesday: Chapter 1 Section 2 Worksheet B

Thursday: Pg. 12-13 #4-38 Evens; 50-53 ALL

Friday: Chapter 1 Section 3 Worksheet B;





E-Learning Day Plans














Day 1- Read the article "How the Taco Conquered America" and the essay "Holding on to Heritage Before It Slips Away." Complete the worksheet "How the Taco Conquered America" in Notability. I will create a lesson in eBackpack for you to turn in the completed worksheet if it becomes necessary for us to have an eLearning day. 


Day 2-

Click here to watch the video on descriptive writing. In this video, the writer talks about techniques she used to write the article "Killer Smog."

Use these techniques to complete the Guardian of the Runway Descriptive Writing Activity. Download the Guardian of the Runway document below. Download the Descriptive Writing Model Text for an example.

Bonus Video about Piper the Dog





Day 2 - Complete the "Standard of Living" worksheet. When you are finished, turn the worksheet into ebackpack when you have internet available.


Academic Enrichment

Essential Academic Words

To practice essential academic words on Quizlet, click HERE.

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