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Northwestern Middle School Art
7th Grade Curriculum

7th Grade Art Lessons:
1. Basic Drawing
2. Ruler Basics
3. Diamond Illusion
4. Initial Perspective Drawing
5. Tessellations
6. Radial Symmetry Artwork
7. Clay Insect Project
8. Basic Color Theory
9. Friendship Bracelets
Artist Biography/Art History

11.  Elements and Principles of Design

12. Critique Process

**Please select the "Weekly ART Agenda" above in the purple frame next to "NMS Art Curriculum" for day to day assignments and attachments.

8th Grade Curriculum

1. Creative Process of Design
2.  Art History/Artist Biography
3.  Watercolor Techniques and Painting
4.  Printing
5.  Woven Coil Pots
6.  Alien Monster Names
7.  Contour Drawing
8.  Self Portraits
9.  Metal Masks
10. Color Theory
**Please select the "Weekly ART Agenda" above in the purple frame next to "NMS Art Curriculum" for day to day assignments and attachments. Online Gallery

Please check out our online art gallery at  IT IS FREE and SAFE to registar!!!  Student's identification is never given out or viewable. If your child's art work is selected he/she could win a $50 gift certificate from Dick Blick, the largest Art Supply company in the country.  To view our gallery, log onto, select city, state, and zip code.  Fill in the information, our school is at the top of the list as "Northwestern Jr./Sr. High School.  Select the school, then select the type of art you would like to review.  T-shirts, posters and mugs can be made with your child's artwork on them with a portion of the proceeds returning to our school art program! Check it out!


ELearning assignments are located in eBackPack. A copy will also be placed on the this Web Page under 'weekly ART agenda' (above).

Welcome to Northwestern Middle School Art. Art is a 9 week 'rotation' class; therefore students will have roughly 45 consecutive days of art for one of the four nine weeks of 7th and 8th grade.
 Below is a list of subjects/projects I cover for each grade. 
Weekly assignments will be posted on the 'weekly ART agenda' tab (above) for each grade beginning with 7th grade at the top of the page and 8th grade listed below 7th grade.
Please visit our 'on-line gallary' at (link to the right). 
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me using the tab to the right, click below, or copy & paste:
I look forward to meeting you and teaching your child. 
Sincerely, Mrs Deb Conrad

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